The Odd Jacket

Blazers, Suits and Sports Jackets

Add jacket refers to any blazer that was designed without an accompanying pair of coordinating pants. Over time, the odd jacket evolved into a highly versatile piece and became even more flexible as a must-have wardrobe item — with the acceptance of jeans as day-to-night wear. The odd jacket often has distinctive detailing, such as an unusual design, unexpectedly placed pockets or is composed of off beat fabrics.


Short Rise Pants

For specialty menswear stores short rise pants are an integral part of their business when fitting a man properly. These pants fit a shorter man or regular size man with thinner thighs and seat then other men with the same waist size. Also the zipper is shorter, legs and seat are narrower then regular trousers, taking away the baggy britches effect when regular rise pants are just too  full cut.

-Joe Sugar

Sugar Quote Of The Day

“When understanding your proper pant length measurement,its always best to use the outseam measurement. An Example of this is if the outseam is 42 inches and the crotch depth is 10 inches the inseam will be 32 inches, however if the crotch runs long or short, 32 is not always the correct inseam. Also excessive weight gain or loss or “changes in the body overtime” can lead to a change in your pant length. Therefore it is good to have an professional  to recheck your proper outseam measurement.”

-Joe Sugar

Joe Sugar’s Secret

When buying dress trousers look for the new hidden stretch waist trousers in polywool and all wool fabrications. Joe Sugars carries Austin Reed, Palm Beach and Berle with these hidden stretch waistbands. Especially after the holiday season when you’ve gained the extra 5 or 10 these pants will feel the same as when you bought them with 2 to 3 inches extra in stretch.

-Joe Sugar