How To Wear A Summer Suit

Summer Suits & Tips to Stay Cool When It Is Hot

High Breatheability Due to Loose Weave & Lack of Lining

When it is hot, you definitely want to feel every breeze coming your way,  and the best way to do so is with an open-weave fabric. Loosely woven Panama, a basketweave fabric,  is usually popular in summer and achieves the desired cooling effect. When you hold a piece of this fabric against the light, you can see through the weave of the cloth, even it if is dark navy. If the fabric is a heavier weight, it will also keep you cooler than a featherweight cotton fabric that is tightly woven. The more open the weave, the more patterned your fabric should be to keep it from becoming see-through. However, bear in mind that lighter colors are better than darker ones since light fabric reflects the sunlight whereas dark cloth absorbs it, making you feel warmer.

Open Weave Wool Suiting Fabric

Also, you want to make sure that you get at least a half-lined jacket because, again, the finer weave of the lining will decrease your garment’s ability to breathe.

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