The Man Comes Before The Clothes

You have to understand that the purpose of clothes is to make YOU look good. It’s not about finding quirky ways of mixing and matching accessories.

The purpose of wearing any clothing item is to send a positive message about you that, in the end, will make people look into your eyes and think “this is someone who I definitely want to meet”.

What does this all mean, then?

Simply put, a simple and elegant outfit can often times make a more lasting impression than if you were wearing a really eccentric one. This depends on the social encounter, obviously, but this is as true today as it was a hundred years ago.

A nice fitting suit and a nice pair of black or brown leather shoes will convey more power and charisma than an over-accessorized casual outfit.

Remember this: every item of clothing you put on you has a very important mission: it’s sending a message about you. So make sure it is the right message.

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