Online Sales

Online Sales

Joe Sugar’s of St. Pauls is now offering online sales via Skype or Face Time. This is currently in beta testing and we need customers to call us on our FaceTime ID: or our Skype ID JoeSugars. Instructions are provided below for each method of contact and we look forward to your support. If you have any questions or would like to participate with our testing please direct your emails to

1. Begin by ensuring that FaceTime is turned on for your iPhone 4. Do this by tapping the Settings app on your home screen. Scroll down to Phone (or, in some versions of the iOS, FaceTime) and tap it. Move the FaceTime slider to On.
2. FaceTime calls can only be made when the iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network (AT&T and Verizon currently block FaceTime calls over their 3G cellular networks). Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.

3. FaceTime calls can also only be made to other iPhone 4s, 4th gen. iPod touches, iPad 2s, or Macs that have FaceTime activated and are connected to Wi-Fi networks (or, in the case of Macs, Ethernet networks). If the FaceTime icon has a question mark on it when you place your call, it may be because the person you’re calling can’t accept a FaceTime call for one of those reasons.
4. Once those requirements are met, there are two ways to FaceTime someone. First, you can simply call them as your normally would and tap the FaceTime icon when it lights up after the call connects.
Alternatively, you can browse through your iPhone address book, find the person, tap on them, and tap the FaceTime button on their page in your address book.
5. Your FaceTime call will begin just like a regular call, except that your camera will turn on and you’ll see yourself. The person you’re placing the call to will have the chance to accept or deny your call by tapping an onscreen button (you’ll have this same option if someone FaceTimes you).
If they accept it, FaceTime will send video from your camera to them and vice versa. Both a shot of your and the person you’re talking to will be on screen at the same time.
6. End a FaceTime call by tapping the End button on the bottom of the screen.


1. Go to the Skype Web site (view link in Resources below) to download and install the Skype software. Skype comes with a step-by-step setup wizard. Simply follow the instructions to download and install Skype. This should only take a minute or two.

2. Choose a Skype user name. It can be whatever you like, provided it’s not already taken. You will also need to choose a password.

3. Choose a Skype user name. It can be whatever you like, provided it’s not already taken. You will also need to choose a password.

4. Sign in with your user name and password.

5. Add your friend to your contacts. Click “Add Contacts.” Enter your friend’s Skype user name to perform a search. Select your friend’s name from the list of contacts and click “Add.” Write a personal message to your friend, send it and wait for your friend to accept your connection request.

6. Check your sound. Make sure the sound on your computer is working and is on. You will either need a microphone and speakers or a headset (recommended) to use Skype. Test the sound quality by selecting and clicking “Skype Test Call” and following the voice prompt’s instructions.

7. Select your friend’s contact name and click the big green phone button. Doing so will “call” your friend, and Skype will ring on your friend’s computer.

8. When your friend answers, you can start your conversation. Right-click your friend’s icon for advanced options during your call, such as “mute” (to mute your side of the call), “hold” (to put your friend on hold to take another call), “start chat” (allows you to send text chats during your call) or “send file” (should you wish to send a photo, link or document)

9. To hang up, simply click the big red button. Or if you’re already open in your contact’s options, select “hang up.

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