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Many people have been asking me about how I organize my closet, and what I do to maintain my clothing.

Well, one of the ways I care for my clothing is by properly hangingthem in my closet. If I could, I would probably hang every piece of clothing I own since the benefits are numerous. Hanging minimizes wrinkling, airs out fabrics, and helps retain the overall shape of each garment. Unfortunately, I don’t have a gigantic walk-in closet in my apartment, so I have to pick and choose what I will hang, and what I will fold.

Here is how I personally do it:

jackets hung


Collared shirts (dress shirts, OCBDs, etc.): Wrinkled dress shirts are no good- they are a must-hang. Wrinkled casual collared shirts are not as bad, but I still like to hang them up.

Dress pants: I generally use a regular triangle hanger and pass…

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