How to Polish Shoes

1. Wash down shoes with a leather shampoo such as Lexol PH Cleaner or Lincoln EZ Cleaner if needed. Let dry a few minutes.

2. With an Applicator Brush or a soft cloth apply Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish or Kiwi Polish of a corresponding color. Neutral polish is also available for use on any color shoes.

Let set up for about 3 minutes.

3. Brush with a 100% Horse Hair shine brush, using one brush for black only and one for brown or colored shoes.

4. Use a Shine Cloth in a brisk side to side motion with the shoe on your foot or on a shine butler. You should have 2 cloths, one for Black and one for Brown or colors.

5. Apply sole dressing to outside edges of soles and heels. Let dry thoroughly.

6. (Optional) Applying Premier Speed Shine will give your shoes an extra brilliant shine.

7. Storing your shoes with Cedar Shoe Trees allows the moisture to dry while keeping their shape and preventing shrinkage.

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