Stanly Sugar

Joe Sugar’s store was 30 years old when Stanly Sugar joined his parents Joe and Ann in the store n 1946. From that time forward through his retirement after 44 years of service he refined the business and pushed it to new levels.

“When you run a store like this, you’ve got to marry it. Eat it, Sleep it, and Drink it.”

Throughout 44 years of Stanly Sugar’s career you would never catch him without a coat and tie. His love for beautiful clothes drove him to success and his willingness to sell in all situations excelled him into the forefront of Men’s Clothing.

“I’ve sold clothes wherever I’ve gone. In Las Vegas , I sold red felt hats and white straw hats. People would stop me and ask me where I got my hat. I’d tell them and then sell them one and send it to them.”

Joe Sugar’s availability of sizes and quality of service has continued to set them apart. Going above and beyond to make sure everyone gets accommodated to. Always asking his employees to be knowledgeable of all products in the store. Stanly Sugar demanded excellence.

“I’ve always tried to have it all — Clothes for businessmen and the clergy. Dignified clothes. But I didn’t want it to be a morgue, so I stocked the fashionable”



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