Joe Sugar’s Secret

When buying dress trousers look for the new hidden stretch waist trousers in polywool and all wool fabrications. Joe Sugars carries Austin Reed, Palm Beach and Berle with these hidden stretch waistbands. Especially after the holiday season when you’ve gained the extra 5 or 10 these pants will feel the same as when you bought them with 2 to 3 inches extra in stretch.

-Joe Sugar

How to dress around the Holidays

Hey dude! Can we skip that Santa tie with the 500 prancing reindeer this year? Yeah, you know who you are. With a little imagination and a trip to your closet, you can change your look this holiday. You might not even embarrass your significant other out on the town.

“It is possible for guys to look good this season. It just takes a small amount of perseverance, creativity, as well as understanding your resources, needs and look.

Here’s a way to spruce up your wardrobe by matching up the old with the new.

Parting Tips1. Create a holiday wardrobe budget. Make an outfit pop, add a nice crisp, white French-cuff shirt. For a more elegant touch, top off the outfit with a set of cufflinks.

2. Determine what your needs are. Remember, Santa and wreath motifs are not the most elegant choices.

3. Before hitting the stores, check your closet first. There’s a lifetime of fashion in there, and often you can get more mileage out of old favorites by adding just a piece or two, such as a velvet blazer or snazzy vest.

4. Don’t be too proud to try consignment or resale shops. You may find a treasure.

5. Make sure that an outfit that has been around for a couple seasons still fits. Take an honest look in the mirror. It may be necessary to see a tailor.

How to Polish Shoes

1. Wash down shoes with a leather shampoo such as Lexol PH Cleaner or Lincoln EZ Cleaner if needed. Let dry a few minutes.

2. With an Applicator Brush or a soft cloth apply Meltonian Shoe Cream Polish or Kiwi Polish of a corresponding color. Neutral polish is also available for use on any color shoes.

Let set up for about 3 minutes.

3. Brush with a 100% Horse Hair shine brush, using one brush for black only and one for brown or colored shoes.

4. Use a Shine Cloth in a brisk side to side motion with the shoe on your foot or on a shine butler. You should have 2 cloths, one for Black and one for Brown or colors.

5. Apply sole dressing to outside edges of soles and heels. Let dry thoroughly.

6. (Optional) Applying Premier Speed Shine will give your shoes an extra brilliant shine.

7. Storing your shoes with Cedar Shoe Trees allows the moisture to dry while keeping their shape and preventing shrinkage.